On a moonlit night, Diké, heir to the Kingdom and leader of the terrifying warrior cult, the Ogwumii, finds himself trapped within the secret shrine of the village deity, a dark cave forbidden to all save the powerful witchdoctors.

Overnight, the mighty warrior-prince becomes an Osu - an untouchable and outcast. Can Diké find the traitors who orchestrated his downfall and return back to glory? Worse, will the villagers of Ukari ever free themselves from the ghostly curse of the raging skulls?

A Dance for the Dead is a chilling African fantasy and horror story of sibling betrayal, curses, dark rituals and supernatural vengeance. A once mighty warrior prince must fight to free himself from a supernatural curse that has trapped him in the forbidden shrine of the gods, rendering him an outcast and a slave overnight.

Out Soon

A Dance for the dead - Another chilling tale of ghostly vengeance by the undisputed Queen of African Horror, Nuzo Onoh

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